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#21 - 1873 Spall Road
Kelowna BC V1Y 4R2

(Spall Business Center building)

Telephone/Text: 250-718-8856

Appointments available days, evenings and weekends
Most services are available in-person, pickup/dropoff in local Kelowna area, and by video, telephone, text and email

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Welcome to your journey to a new and improved you! Your health is important to us -- your emotional health, mental health, relationships, marriage and family, spiritual health, and physical health are important to us. Okanagan Christian Wellness offers a full line of professional health and wellness services. We use a whole-health, proactive and preventative approach with clients, with a focus on prevention, recovery and healing of the whole person. All of our services are offered in our clinic; however, many of our services are offered in-person, in-home, by video or phone, and can be ordered with sample/report pickup and dropoff (local Kelowna area) or by mail for distance clients.


We are members in good standing of Canadian Christian Counsellors, ACCT, CCPCP, Canadian Christian Mediators, and our sister organizations are Okanagan Christian Counselling and Okanagan Christian Mediation through which we provide our counselling, mentoring, mediation and coaching.


    Our Wellness Services include: 


Counselling, Therapy and Mediation

Cognitive Testing

Brain-Wise Therapy

Trauma/Stress Recovery and Nervous System Reset

No-Blood Vitamin and Mineral Testing and Tracking

PEMF Pain Therapy -- Pain and Circulatory Relief and Recovery

Intestinal (Gut) Microbiome Testing

       Food and Nutrition Intolerance and Allergy Testing

       Health, Hormone, STD and Disease Testing

RED-Light Skincare Therapy

Sleep Therapy and Care

Migraine Therapy and Relief



Support Groups



  Deana Van Fleet is owner of Okanagan Christian Wellness (and Okanagan Christian Counselling).

She is a Clinical Christian Counsellor, a Registered Christian Counsellor, an Emotional Development Coach, an Addictions Interventionist and Recovery Counsellor, a Child & Family Advocate, and a Behavioural Consultant. She is registered with Canadian Christian Counsellors, Canadian Christian Mediators, Canadian Professional Mediators, ACCT and CCPCP.


Okanagan Christian Wellness is available by appointment only, and offers day, evening and weekend appointments, as well as telephone, email, Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp appointments for counselling.  


Payments can be made by cash, etransfer, debit, Visa or Mastercard. Monthly packages can be purchased to combine services and to allow for a much more economical rate than multiple appointments for multiple services that are charged per service or per appointment. If you are wanting to book multiple services in an appointment, advise us of that at time of booking so that we allow you enough time for your appointment and can offer you the best rate for combined services.


* Use of our service, requiring communication, reports and counsel, constitutes agreement to fulfill payment agreements (made verbally, by text, by email, or by messaging).


* Cancellation Policy: We require 24 hours cancellation of appointments; otherwise you will be charged full service price plus gst as a cancellation fee which be required to be paid before a next appointment can be booked.


Okanagan Christian Wellness adheres to both Canadian and American safe, fair and confidential "Professional Christian Counselling Practices" and "Professional Counselling Practices" and provides clients with emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual safety and confidentiality.


We meet our clients where they are at, whether Christian, other beliefs, or no beliefs. Our corporate statement of spiritual belief is: We believe in God as Father, Christ as the resurrected and risen King, and Holy Spirit as the spirit of God living within us.  Our counselling reflects this, and we believe and teach that the Lord wants to heal each of us at the very root of our hurts, pains and traumas in order to overcome negative and hurtful behaviors, relationships, addictions, etc. and bear good fruit for the Glory of God